When in Rome, eat what the Romans eat!

Last year I went to Italy for the first time. Something that I’ve been wanting to do for six years. Because, of culinary school and work, my trip had been put off several times. However, I finally made it. Rome was to be the anchor of my trip. Although I visited other parts of Italy, like (Capri and Naples), I predominately stayed in Rome 5 full day. There were Resturants, some worthy of the best Italian restaurants here in New York. And, some hole in the wall places that had the best tasting roast pork sandwiches with all the fixens, that would make you slap ya momma, because it’s so good.

I had the best Lasagna from a little Resturant near the Vatican
First meal in Italy, and of course, spaghetti!
Fried Baccala/salted cod fish

Rome was beautiful. The city is ancient, the streets were old, yet intriguing and site full. From the colosseum to the Vatican. Art and inspiration is at an abundance in Rome.

Colosseum at night!
The Vatican
For Fertility (if you’re into that) no judgement
At the Vatican
The in’s and out’s of Rome’s city life

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