NOLA Darling

New Orleans please……🍺
Mardi Gras Parades!
Making my way through Bourbon Street!

What can I say about New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, it’s insane! “Fat Tuesday” is the last day of celebration, I arrived Monday, however, during my trip I found out that the people of New Orleans start their partying January 7th, the day after the three kings day. I can’t imagine a month and a half of partying, but I guess that’s what makes NOLA a one of a kind city.

Bourbon Street, French Quarter! The Colonel and Mrs Sanders!
Bourbon Street, French Quarter! I dream of Jeannie!
French Quarter Fat Tuesday! I don’t know what this is, but it was worth a pic!

And NOLA’s Food

One of my reasons for traveling to New Orleans is for the food. New Orleans has a melting pot of the differences or variety of nationalities of their foods. The Louisiana purchase happened in 1804. The United States paid 15 million dollars for New Orleans, which was owned by France. And, because of that historical act it brought together a unique collaboration of French, Spanish, Southern and African recipes that NOLA is famously known for.

Napoleon’s was my first stop jambalaya, gumbo and Planters punch. All delicious!
Next stop Deanies seafood! 😋

An actual quiet, nice little walk on my last day through the French Quarter.

N’awlins French Quarter

Let’s not forget the beignets

Having Beignets at city park in N’awlins. Cafe Du Monde! Sweet 😋
Best cafe in the French Quarter to have breakfast! Cafè Conti! Never tasted creamy, delicious grits in my life!

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