Comfort food in an uncomfortable Pandemic continue

Who doesn’t like crab cakes, welp, I got the next best thing! Salmon cakes! Some great comfort food can be found right in your pantry. And, it’s gonna have to work considering the whole country is on lock down.

A neighbor of mines went to the food pantry. She said she had so many cans of salmon and “would I be a dear and take a few cans off her back!” I laughed, because I thought to myself I don’t consider “taking food off of someone’s back” stressful. I was hesitant, because I wasn’t sure what I’d make with it! However, my neighbor was being nice and helpful to me, because she knows I work a lot and I could probably use a quick bite of anything. And, so I took a couple cans. I appreciated her offer and kindness.

As long as “shelter in place” continues, food is not just a necessity, but it will in essence be our source for family gatherings and talk.

My salmon cakes are easy and delish!

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