Mediterranean Night!

Hello people! Sorry that’s it’s been awhile since my last post. The holidays, and pandemics don’t mix well for me. However, I have been busy with my cooking.

Speaking of pandemics, I decided to do something nice for two essential/hospital workers.

In the beginning of this pandemic, two relatives of mine that work, and continue to work in the hospitals, shared some real scary stories of covid 19 patients. Some were very sad, and some of their experiences were hopeful.

As we enter into a second wave of this pandemic. Although there is a small light in the middle of this tunnel, because of a vaccine having entered this bleak picture of our world now. I wanted to do something special for our frontline workers.

Rack of lamb
Mediterranean Buddha bowl with homemade
Greek roasted red potatoes with yogurt sauce

I’ve always wanted to make Mediterranean food. Not as my niche, but because I love to play with spices and Indian and Asian foods do that for me.

I remember in culinary school when Asia was on our menu for the week. I had never really worked with spices like tahini, cumin, and turmeric. It made me proud that I used these spices for something I was making. And, I don’t want to brag, but everything looked and tasted so damn good.

My relatives were surprised what I made for them. But, I really wanted them to know how appreciative I was for their service. We had a great night! We ate, we talked, we drank a little wine. And, we relaxed. And, that is what I only hoped for for them.

If interested in any of these recipes, please email me at Or check out my IG: franb1965

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