A Tropical Blast

I’ve been to the Caribbean humm, probably a half a dozen times. Whether it be a cruise, or actually visiting the island itself. I so enjoy the relaxation of the ocean waves, sipping an island cocktail, lying on the beach, sun in my face, and cooling off in the clear, aqua water.

Yes! I have deep day dreams of my travels to the Caribbean. Well, we are in full winter, and about this time of year, I’d be planning my “winter escape”!

Unfortunately, this covid pandemic (a word I thought I would never use in my lifetime), has prevented travel tremendously. But, here we are, a fear of getting sick or worse, fear of not recovering from the illness.

Although, my blog is also about traveling, that’s not happening right now. So I will talk about my food. I love talking about food, I love creating dishes, and I love deconstructing southern dishes my mom taught me how to make.

The dish I’d like to introduce is a dish I created, derived from my Caribbean travels.

“A tropical blast” is what a friend called it, (and hence the name of the dish) when I asked her to come over and be a taste tester for me. I added much exotic flavors that work well together and compliment each other.

Francie’s tropical blast

This dish consist of sweet plantains, grilled blackened shrimp and a mango salsa that will perk up your taste buds wanting more! 👅


Fresh Shrimp (large)

Garlic powder

Black pepper



Sazon seasoning pack


Medium Ripe Plantains

2 cups of canola oil

(Depending on the yields or # of plates. Each plate should consist of 1/2 a plantain, 2-3 shrimp, 3 spoonful of salsa on top, and a lime and lemon wedge for garnish.

Mango Salsa Ingredients

2 mangos



Red onions

Red bell pepper

Fresh Lemon & lime juice

Salt to taste

How to make

This dish is made up of three components. The salsa should be made first, and put in fridge directly after completion of mixture of vegetable, peppers, mangos, and lemon and lime juices. It should all be small dice.

I used a grill pan for the shrimp. Large sauté pan for plantains. Use a cup of oil for shrimps and a cup of oil for plantains. More or less depending on how many shrimps and plantains you are making. Heat pans with oil.

Clean and devein shrimp. Use 1 tablespoon of each of the dry spices for at least 10 pieces of shrimp. Could be more or less depending on how many shrimps you use i.e. For 20 pieces of shrimp use 2 tablespoons of dry ingredients. After seasoning the shrimp, set aside.

Heat the sauté pan with oil, slice the plantains from top to bottom, then in half. When pan is heated add the plantains, cook till golden color. Set aside to cool.

Add oil to Grill pan, and prepare to grill shrimp. Shrimp should take no more than 3 to 5 minutes to cook. Please! Do not overcook the shrimp. Watch and flip them over accordingly. Once done, set them aside. It’s time to combine the dish.

To plate this dish, plantains are layered on bottom, about 3 or 4 half’s. Then about 3 or 4 shrimps on top of plantains, and last, but not least, spoon on top the mango salsa over the shrimps. Add a slice or lime and lemon for garnish.

I really enjoyed making this dish, because it took me back to fun times. And, it gave me pleasure watching my friends enjoy devouring it.

4 thoughts on “A Tropical Blast

      1. I just have to say that I made this recipe last night and it was to die for! I did de-seed my jalapeno pepper and sauteed it with the onion for a few minutes, I did not have the curry so I just used Greek seasoning and some mojo marinade for the Sanyo seasoning. This dish will be forever on my menu! Thank you.


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