Cape Town! One of South Africa’s beautiful Cities

View Near Boulders Beach

Well! The travel is back on. I love exploring the world, and Africa was on my list. Yes! It took almost a day to get there, and yes that long flight wasn’t easy. However, I was not disappointed.

Cape Town is full of beautiful people, food, culture, and mountains! I was always in awe of the sceneries, and landscapes. Capturing the beauty on pictures cannot compare to what the eye beholds.


I spent 10 days in Cape Town, which was not long enough. I felt so welcomed by the people, and for me, I needed to touch the “Motherland”.

I experienced tastings of African food, music, and city life. The restaurants, bars, lounges, and malls reminded me of my hometown New York.

Uber is your friend in Cape Town. You can go practically anywhere for way less than what you may expect to pay in the US.

My first tour was the Groot Constantia Winery, which is a beautiful estate. They’ve been in business for over 300 years.

Another tour was a safari. (Real animals y’all). It’s not as dangerous or scary as some would think. However, we were read the rules, and had to sign contracts so the park won’t be held liable. However, it was Absolutely amazing! I love animals, and I did not feel that I wasn’t safe at anytime.

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