Did Someone Say, Paris!

My first full day in Paris, France, it rained, but I actually think the rain made it more romantic and intriguing to explore. Talk about being scared and alone, Paris was one of those spur of the moment’s for me when I decided to just book it and go. Back in 2012 I felt the need to do something totally freeing, (my divorce became final, a year prior to me booking the trip). And, I wanted to do something for myself or at least test myself, a challenged sort of. I felt the need to be in a different environment, different people, different food. I needed to feel that there is a lot more to life, than a broken marriage, a doggy dog job, or the demise of a close relative. However, my experience was so worth the growth, because I believe if you don’t challenge yourself, you’ll never make worthwhile moves to a better job, additional education, or just putting yourself out there to enhancing your life.

Rainy day in Paris
Lafayette Street in Paris, outside my hotel, the Excalibur
Eiffel Tower, up close and personal
Me! On my way to a tour in the middle of the night in Paris!
In’s and out’s of Paris

In order to really explore France, you have to get out of Paris. I’ve always been one to enjoy period times and era’s. I booked an all day tour that consisted of visiting four castles of King Louie the II or V, who cares really. At the time I was a big fan of this show called “The Tudors” and, visiting a real life 17th century castle was more mouth watering to me than a bag of chips (Wise-onion & garlic preferable).

The three hour drive was the most amazing to me, time seemed to have stood still because, I was enjoying the views of the misty, morning dew, greenery, old farm houses, lakes and meadows. Lovely sites that I could not ignore, or the calmness of how they made me feel.

Views of northern France, on my way to the Castles.
Early morning dew at the castle
On the Rooftop of the castle

Having a great tour guide, made touring the castles amazing. I went off to see some of the land on my own and it was nice to find the little cottages and crevices, that were a site to be seen.

17th century kitchen

Being a culinary enthusiast, my tour led me to a 17th century kitchen. I believe I would of faired well back than, but I’m glad I didn’t have to.

Old, sweet little church in France