Roasted Pan Lasagna

A few years ago, before my retirement. I met a elderly Italian woman at work, who became a weekly customer. I really enjoyed seeing her every week, we’d exchange conversation about food, daily life, politics, and jokes. One day during her visit she casually asked, “what’s for dinner?” I told her, “thinking of making lasagna.” Her eyes widened, she told me she makes her “lasagna in a roasted pan.” Then my eyes widened. She said she added everything but the kitchen table in her lasagna. She said by the time the lasagna was ready to be put in the oven, she needed her son to carry it to the oven, because it was so heavy. I remember her saying, she added sweet Italian sausages to the sauce. For once, I actually never thought of doing that. And, my OCD had me thinking, that I know I make the best tasting lasagna this side of the east coast, besides I’ve been making lasagna since I was 17 years old. But, I told her I would try that. However, timed passed, and I didn’t see her as much. But, that’s how life goes.

I’ve made lasagna since, but not the way that Italian Grandma made, until now. First of all, I didn’t own a roasting pan, thank you Amazon! Order one for the holidays for the turkey on thanksgiving. I remember wanting to make something different for Christmas. So I thought of the lasagna. I think I would of made her proud!


Roasting pan

Large pot


Chop meat (1 lg pack)

Sweet Italian sausages (2packs)


Bell peppers (all colors) at least 3 different


Tomato sauce (2 1/2 jars of any tomato sauce you like)

Lasagna pasta (1 and a half boxes)

Ricotta (lg container)

Mozzarella (2 packs)

Dry ingredients

Garlic powder

Onion powder



1/2 cup of sugar to break bitterness of tomato sauce

How to make

Brown sausage and chop meat in separate pans, with a little canola oil. Once cooked, cut or slice sausages about an inch. Add everything together in a pot. Add sauce, peppers, onions, and all dry ingredients.

As it braises, keep tasting a long the way, to make sure flavors are on point.

Cook pasta according to box instructions. Please don’t forget to add some salt to boiling water!

Once sauce is done, and pasta is cooled. Start layering.

* Check for demo in lower paragraphs.

* Layering

Bake for 45 minutes.

I will definitely make this lasagna again. My family loved it! It gave me some joy, passing on a tradition.