Let’s get our “drank” on! The lemoncello experience.

The title of this article says it all for me. this was one of the expressions we used back in the day, with my partying ways with my friends! We owned the town with our young fun, dancing till the wee hours, and of course our drunkinness. That’s not a real word, but it fits for this story.

Now, I’m a full, and I do mean “full” grown ass woman, who has done a bit of what my conscious considers a “learning life”. Because, if there were things I could take back or not experienced at all (like my marriage), I would, but that’s what you call “living and learning”. Basically, I’m trying to say that my life has grown to gradually introduce grown up things. Like traveling to Italy, and not just drinking flavorful wines and spirits. But, while in Italy I got a chance to learn about a drink called “lemoncello”. Yes, it was delicious, yes, it was strong, I was intrigued, because of how I was told it was made.

However, this blog is mostly dedicated to food, and equally for me travel. So I’m definitely missing a bit of Italy 🇮🇹 in my life during this pandemic. So since we have no traveling, with the risk of possibly getting a nasty or if not deadly 💀 infection. Staying home and remembering the good times of travel is most likely for most of us. Although, I’ve been recently hearing and seeing only the rich and famous still doing their usual travels to exotic locations.

So, me who loves a challenge, I decided to give it a go, and make it myself! I was intrigued, because it takes patience to make the time old drink. But, my main concern is the flavor value of this drink.

Homemade lemoncello

Stay tuned for my results and recipe! 😋

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