A little Tiramisu 🇮🇹


Although the pandemic has eased up a bit. Still, travel to some other countries are still on heavy lockdown. My plan on resuming my traveling will probably start up again next year. With news of a new variant surfacing, I am still gonna take precautions with traveling. Also, with air travel being unpredictable, and flights being canceled left and right. I don’t like taking chances booking and than being unsure I will make my destination or worse, being in another country and having a flight being canceled.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m talking about traveling, and the name of this article is called “A little Tiramisu!” Well, tiramisu is an Italian desert, and I’d like to keep in tune with what my blog is about! “Travel, culture and food.”

What I love about tiramisu is that it’s so easy to make. There is no baking involved. And, it’s an airy, light really delicious dessert! Your friends will think you spent hours making this dish, because it’s so flavorful, and it taste like you spent hours over an oven to make it.


*Lady fingers (2 packs)

1/3 cup sugar

2 tablespoons vanilla extract

2 1/2 cups heavy cream

1 teaspoon salt

6 to 8 ounces mascarpone (should be at room temp)

2 cups of black coffee

3 tablespoons rum

Herseys bittersweet coco powder

*Unfortunately, lady fingers are considered gourmet foods, so finding them in your local supermarket can be frustrating. So you can substitute Stella D’oro Margherite.

How to make

I like to start off with making the coffee first. Because, it needs to cool down before dipping your lady fingers. Instant coffee is best, and it’s quick and easy. After coffee is done, mix in the three tablespoons of rum, and sit aside.

Second, use a kitchen aid or hand blender to thicken your heavy cream. Whip your heavy cream on high for about two to three minutes, adding your sugar, vanilla extract and salt.

Please! Do not make the dumb mistake I made and blend in the mascarpone with the heavy cream while blending in the kitchen aid or hand blender. Fold in the mascarpone with a wooden or rubber top spoon.

Now that the coffee with rum has cooled, pour in a wide bowl, and dip the lady fingers one at a time. Note: the texture of the lady fingers can be really soft, if so, just brush the coffee mixture on the lady fingers after layering them in your pan.

Use a frosting flatware to spread half your cream on top of the lady fingers, than sprinkle/shift the bittersweet coco powder over the cream. Repeat process so you’ll have two layers. Lady fingers, cream, coco powder in that order.

I hope you enjoy this dessert, it was fun to make, so delicious and be careful not to eat the whole thing.

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